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Decorated Graham Cracker Houses

You Need:
  • Graham crackers (10 per house - allow for mistakes though!)
  • White chocolate chips or white candy melts (approx. 6 oz. per house)
  • Assorted candies for decorating
  • Piping bags and tips or gallon size freezer bags (make sure your bags have a nice square corner, not a pleated one.)

First prepare graham crackers. Two whole grahams need to be trimmed for front and back panels (see diagram A). Make sure to start knife at point "A" and bring back of knife down to point "B" to keep tip of cracker from crumbling. Check to see if the angle you cut is right by putting two whole "roof shingle" grahams up against the front panel to see if they will fit as in the final assembly. Create a door with a small piece of graham (approx. 1 "x 2").

Now is the time to make the mortar for your house. Heat the white chips or candy melts either in the microwave or on a double boiler just until melted. Stir smooth. Chocolate at this point should be warm, not hot! If it's too hot to handle, let it cool. If you're using a piping bag, prepare the tip. Spoon chocolate into piping bag or freezer bag and squeeze down to the tip of bag (or corner if it's a freezer bag). Seal bag behind chocolate by twisting. If using a freezer bag, cut the slightest bit off the corner to create a tip (if too much chocolate comes out or if bag springs a leak at some point, use a new bag).

To create base, place three grahams side by side with approximately 1/16" space between (see diagram B). Pipe white chocolate mortar down between crackers to fill the gap. When done, Push grahams together (just slightly). Let set a few minutes.

Start on construction of the house. First run a bead of mortar along bottom edge of front panel. Set in place on base and hold or prop till sets. (Chocolate mortar tends to set up pretty fast, though). Then run a bead of mortar along back edge of front panel (where it will meet side panel) and along side edge and bottom edge of side panel. Set in place. See diagram C to show how cracker "walls" will align. Pipe additional mortar along seams for support. Do the same thing for other side panel. Next, pipe mortar along back edges and bottom of back panel. Set in place. Strengthen seams, if needed with additional mortar. Let set a few minutes until sturdy. Next pipe mortar along top edges of half of house where one roof panel will go. Put panel in place. Hold or prop to set. When set, pipe mortar along top edges of other half of house and peak edge of already-installed roof panel. Set in place. Hold or prop to set. If roof panels don't match perfectly, try to fill with mortar or for a really big gap use candies or licorice to conceal. Using mortar as glue, adhere door to front panel.

Decorate house as desired. (suggestions: gumdrops, peppermint candies, m&m's, candied fruit slices, candy canes. licorice, nonpareils, cookies, assorted decors and colorful candies)

If white chocolate mortar stiffens up, reheat slightly and stir or knead until smooth again.

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