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Santa Candy Jar

You Need:

  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • One one-inch white pompom
  • Baby food jar (4 oz. +)
  • Skin color felt, paper or paint
  • Blue paint, marker or paper
  • White paint, paper or white out
  • Gluestick, hot glue, or tacky glue
  • Candies to fill jar
  • Scissors


Start with clean, dry 4 oz. or larger baby food jars. (The only difference is that with a larger jar you'll make a Santa with a longer beard but more candy in your jar.) Cut felt, and paper pieces according to directions.

CUTTING DIRECTIONS: Cut one 5" rounded-bottom triangle of red felt (see diagram-diagram is not to size; just for example) One way to draw this triangle is to cut a string 5" long hold it where you want the tip of the triangle to be on the felt. Hold a pencil or other marking utensil at the other end of the string. While holding the string at the first point, draw your arced line (about a quarter of a circle's worth) Then, draw a line from the first point to the tip of the arc you just drew, then draw another line at a 90 degree angle to that line. Cut a small circle of red felt for the nose and a mouth for your Santa too.

Cut one strip of white felt 5/8" x 7-1/4". Cut one beard and one mustache piece according to pattern (see diagram- this patern is to size).

Cut one circle of skin-color felt 1-3/4" in diameter. (Or, use skin-color paper or paint a skin tone onto a piece of paper. Don't paint face directly on jar unless you completely removed the label glue.)

FOR HAT: Fold hat triangle flat edge to flat edge overlapping about 1/4" glue. Glue to edges of jar lid. Apply glue only to half the width of white felt hat band but the entire length. Starting at seam of hat, adhere glued part to jar lid and hat with unglued portion of hat band hanging down a little. Glue pompom onto tip of hat. Let set till dry. Then fold the hat in half toward the seam (to hide the seam). Apply glue to the spot on the band where hat will meet it to keep it glued in a folded position. Let dry.

FOR JAR: Glue face circle to part of jar where label was glued on (to hide glue spot). Position felt pieces for beard and mustache on jar to decide where to put eyes. Set felt pieces aside. Paint whites of eyes, let dry. Paint, draw or glue pupils of eyes. Glue on felt pieces: beard, mustache pieces, mouth and nose (tuck edges of mouth under mustache and overlap nose onto mustache just a bit).

Fill jar with candy.

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