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Bunny Marionette

You Need:

  • Pieces of paperboard (from cereal or shirt boxes)
  • Cotton balls (we used triple size puffs)
  • Pieces of white yarn (two pieces 5" long each)
  • White thread
  • 1/2" oval eyes
  • Craft sticks (2) (3/4" x 6")
  • Glue
  • Masking tape

Click here for printable marionette pattern.
Will open in new window.


First make bunny body out of paperboard. Either print out pattern and transfer it to paperboard* or draw your own bunny about 3" x 6-1/2" (make 2 bunny bodies). Do the same with the bunny paws 1-1/2" x 2" (cut 4 paws).

Next take paperboard body piece and place with plain/'clean side down (yucky part up). Spread glue all over bunny's body. Make sure it's completely covered but not soaked in glue. Set yarn pieces (one for each leg) where the bunny's leg's will go extending about an inch and a half onto body piece. Cover with second bunny body piece ( yucky side down this time good side up). For adults: using a strong needle, carefully poke small hole for thread to go through on head between ears about 1/4" or less down.

Next make bunny's back paws; take one bunny paw piece (good side down/yucky side up). Cover with glue; place end of leg yarn overlapping 1/2 to 3/4" on paw where ankle would be. Cover with second paw piece (yucky down/good up). Repeat to make second bunny paw. Again, carefully poke small holes for thread to go through on each paw right in the center of paw.

Now, take cotton balls and gently finding the edge unroll (this may take some practice; it's easier if you use larger size cotton balls). This will form cotton "sheets". When you feel you have enough sheets to cover the bunny's body front and back, Spread glue on front of bunny body (all over but not thick and drippy.) Place sheets of cotton on bunny horizontally starting at one edge of body and leave the sheet hanging off the other edge. Cover the bunny's face and body first. Then do the ears. For the ears use a smaller length of cotton sheet centered over ear. When the entire front of the bunny is covered let dry.

When bunny is dry, turn over and spread glue on back of body and finish wrapping cotton sheets on adding more cotton if necessary. Let dry.

Wrap bunny paws in cotton using the same technique. Let dry.

Make bunny features: Roll cotton in to one 3/4" ball for tail; two 1/2" balls for cheeks; one 1/4" ball for nose; two 1" flattened balls for front paws (If desired two stitches can be made with white thread to form toes- see illustration). Adhere eyes, nose, cheeks, paws and tail to bunny. Let dry. (We tinted our bunny's nose with a little eyeshadow).





Glue two craft sticks together (see stick illustration). Let dry.

Carefully, using a needle pull thread through hole on bunny's head and tie securely. Then let thread extend 4-6" and wrap end on longest part of craft stick (making sure that crosswise stick is on top for support-see stick illustration) and tape securely with masking tape. Next pull more thread through hole on bunny's paw sewing a few stitches right to the cotton and knotting to secure thread on base of paw (leave 14-16" of thread extending from paw). Repeat this to other paw. when both paws are completed hold bunny up by craft sticks and decide exactly where to attach string so that legs hang down but string is not to loose or tight. Adhere to craft stick (crosswise stick) with masking tape. Let string hang down back of stick (see illustration). Repeat with other paw.

Enjoy your new bunny marionette!

*To transfer pattern to paperboard; print out pattern, rub the back of the pattern with pencil where the lines are, set the paper pattern on top of the paperboard with the pencil side down and the pattern side up and trace the pattern onto the paperboard. Just trace one body piece and one paw piece. Then cut them out. Use cut out pieces as a templates to trace other needed pieces onto more paperboard.


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